Sales Manager/Team Leader
We are looking for people with a combination of strong and interpersonal and management skills. The skills involved include:

People skills: High

The sales team concept is the latest in real estate management! Small well trained teams of sales associates work together to attain common goals while still being independent and earning a split that reflects their time and effort. Our sales teams benefit greatly by receiving all calls from advertising and listings directly to them rewarding them for their hard work and loyalty. We’ll train you to be a successful sales manager. No reports or corporate forms to fill out! You get to do what you do best…Recruit, Mentor and Retain.

Sales skills: Very High
Communication skills: High
Analytical skills: High
Problem solving: Medium
Creative ability: Medium
Leadership skills: Very High
Work hours: 20-40/week
Maximise your income by building a team while not giving up your current book of business!
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Interested in becoming a Sales Manager?


Albert S. Veltri
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Just think about it? Up-calls delivered 24/7 to wherever or whomever you decide as a sales manager! Your group receives the full benefit of their hard wok by capturing calls on the their groups in-bound leads.

  • Veltri LeadLine is on 24/7 and accepts incoming calls from any phone in the world.
  • Whether you’re on the phone or receiving multiple incoming calls, Veltri LeadLine manages all calls to your sales group, so customers never get a busy signal.
  • Your Veltri LeadLine auto-receptionist delivers the functionality of a Fortune 500 phone system, complete with professionally recorded interactive voice response (IVR) menus and greetings
  • Configure your sales group's auto-receptionist to handle calls based on your business’s hours of operation.
  • Direct callers to alternate phone numbers based on date and time.
  • Based on answering rules,Veltri LeadLine routes calls to you or your sales associates, wherever they are.